"AA design" is a practical architectural design studio based in Tehran. The studio has an interdisciplinary approach, which combines the features of culture, health, and ethics in a context-aware and human-centered architecture.

AA design studio IR investigates clever ideas that integrate vernacular capabilities of the location (such as materials, construction technology, and labor) with modern engineering knowledge devising in the form of reproducible modules through spatial design and community participation. AA design strategies are to trust in locally existing resources available and apply them to contemporary architecture.

AA highly respects nature and heritage while attempting to connect technology to cultural values considering the modern lifestyle. AA research workshop believes that while the recent scientific conclusions hold a central place in the history of the west, they have long roots in neighboring civilizations such as Iran; Iranian architecture with its interdisciplinary practices has so inspired the ancient Greeks and Romans and is one of the original sources of sustainable architecture, healing architecture, and person-centered architecture.

AA seeks these lessons as an ideological construct, rather than in a strict, typological, and studies as a historical and artistic phenomenon, which is in close relationship with Iranian literature. Considering modern practical experiences on the one hand and investigations about Iranian traditional and vernacular architecture, on the other hand, the AA research workshop is passionate about interchanging its understandings of Iranian wisdom approaches in cross-disciplinary architecture in a pedagogical community of tacit knowledge.