Amir Abbas Aboutalebi is a practicing Architect, Scholar, and Journalist. Born in 1977 in Tehran, he had a childhood interest in painting and music that has stayed with him throughout his career.

In 2008, he founded "AA Design Atelier" in Tehran, a studio is dedicated to architectural design practices. The studio takes an interdisciplinary approach, combining culture, health, sense, and ethics with context-aware and human-centered concepts and ideas.

Some of Amir Abbas Aboutalebi's notable works include the "Kaveh Glass Building" and "Sib Experimental Villa", which highlight eco design principles influenced by Dr. Ken Yeang's philosophy. He has won several international competitions and awards for his unbuilt concepts that combine vernacular lessons from the past with modern know-how.

In 2015, Amir Abbas Aboutalebi established Villa Magazine; the sole specialized printed and digital magazine dedicated to villas, iconic houses, solo houses, pavilions, gardens, and future prototypes.

The Villa Magazine is a testament to the unwavering passion of a dedicated group of scholars and architects who seek to elevate the discourse on design and architecture. The villa magazine serves as a medium and platform for architectural workshops, discourses, interviews, critics, campaigns, and reviews. For Amir Abbas Aboutalebi, the concept of villa is a social and ideological tool that aims to raise awareness of the importance of design matter s to improve life.

Amir Abbas Aboutalebi is a co-founder of Charbagh Cultural Association with a seat in Zurich, Switzerland, established in 2020. The association's aim is to foster cultural interactions and idea exchanges between artists/architects in the Middle East and art/architecture societies in Europe and Japan.

In 2023, during a collaboration with Professor Riichi Miyake on the "Third interdisciplinary MA space-time exhibition", Amir Abbas Aboutalebi proposed his PHD proposal to the ETH University of Architecture and AHO university of architecture Theory and History. His focus is on the topic of "In-Between Space: A Modern Paradigm Inspired by Ancient Japanese 'Ma' Concept and Traditional Iranian 'Empty Space'." This successful step led him to found a private school of design located in Tehran instead of cutting to Europe.
Villa Academy prioritizes pedagogical approaches that focus on both vertical knowledge and horizontal skill development.

Since 2024, Amir Abbas Aboutalebi has been actively involved in collaborating with startups in architecture, with the goal of establishing a vibrant ecosystem where villa professionals can connect, learn, and grow together. He is the founder of Villa Property network. The Villa Property network aims to facilitate knowledge-sharing and collaboration among industry leaders through eco-friendly solutions.


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