Architecktur - Innere Qualitäten.

Bunte Box, Schuhschachtel mit Glasfenster, Baukastenexperiment? So der so ähnlich könnte man beim Anblick des neuen Hauptquartiers der Kaveh Glass Industry Group in Teheran/Iran, denken. Damit wäre aber die Qualität und die Intention dieser Architektur von Architekt Amirabbas Aboutalebi vom Büro AAdesign weit unter ihrem wahren Wert beurteilt.

Architonic - Profile

AA (Amirabbas Aboutalebi) Design Studio is an architectural design studio based in Tehran focusing on integrating various disciplines-architecture, design and art. AA Design Studio was founded by Amirabbas Aboutalebi in 2008, Amir was Born on April 29, 1977 in Tehran, and had a childhood interest in drawing, painting and music that has stayed with him throughout his career in architecture.

Personal experiences:
Shirdel & Partners-Tehran (design team) 2004
UOB plaza interior renovation-kenzo tange-Singapore (concept designer) 2006
KLIA international airport interior design- Kuala lumpur (concept designer) 2007

Achitonic - Project

The project is located in Darabad-Tehran. The purpose was to easier access, more public transport and less vehicle traffic for several thousand workers in this building. The site forced a huge constraint and dictated a linear planning, hence, special efforts were made to ensure the creation of non-monotonous spaces which did not necessarily follow the expected linear pattern.

Creativity in this project develop within the framework of constraint, by limiting the elements of design to light, color and space. Natural daylight is an indispensable design element in this building which brings energy saving to the project and also non-energy benefits as workers are affected both psychologically and physiologically. Because natural views trend to produce positive responses, they may be more effective in reducing stress, headaches, SAD and eyestrain. At the same time, colors can be an extremely subjective topic in the project design idea; everyone has their favorite colors, colors that remind them of a place or time, or that have specific emotive qualities.

Each plaza in this project is composed of interlocking octagon shapes that create a zigzagging pattern. At any given moment, the visitors and employees can see what is beyond the immediate spaces, in different directions and determine their path through the offices accordingly.

The most requested features about energy saving in this project are day-lighting, solar heating control and natural ventilation. There are four buffer zones and a central atrium in this project which the stack effect is happening in them. In the summer mode, used air from offices will go out of the building, by these zones and in the winter mode, they act as an energy savor to collect the heat.

Designboom - Profile

AAdesign houses 4,000 employees in kaveh glass office building in tehranDesignboom Editor: architect amirabbas aboutalebi of AAdesign, was commissioned to build an administrative building for kaveh glass group, an iranian industrial glass umbrella corp. architect amirabbas aboutalebi of AAdesign, was commissioned to build an administrative building for kaveh glass group, an iranian industrial glass umbrella corp. located in darabad-tehran, the purpose of the structure was to provide more space, and easier access to transportation, for several thousand employees. the site forced the design team to create a linear plan, so emphasis was placed on the creation of non-monotonous spaces which could evade the expecte

Building Trust International - Competition

Coolschool Competition Honourable mention - Amir Abbas Aboutalebi: Our proposed design for the school is inspired by native Yurt houses. The main merits of this idea are simplicity, convenience and originality as the design stems from Mongolia's life and culture. Significant items for us in the design process were context, indigenous materials, and colour. As colour makes a lively ambience in a children's world, a broad spectrum of colours forms the main elements in our project. The designed building represents itself by a unique brick pattern. Not only the pattern is visually appealing, but also it is in accordance with the climate conditions. Besides, it is simple and can be created by native material. The repetitive brick elements create balance and order across façades surfaces, pleasing to the eye and making a vibrant perspective which can be easily comprehended by the children. The project team comprises of: Amirabbas Aboutalebi, Hooman Balazadeh, Yasaman forootan, Fatemeh Tajik, Artshin Mazoji, Hoda barzegar ganji and Samira Hajinasiri from Iran

Bamiyan Cultural Centre - International Competition BCC3614

  • Team Leader: Hooman Balazadeh, Amirabbas Aboutalebi
  • Team Members: Mona razavi, Amir Mohebbi sefat, Masoud Raman Far, Elham Seifi-Fatemeh Tajik, Mohsen shadman-Amir pour mohamad-Hooman Faali, Samira Hajinasiri-Parastoo Nazari
  • Country: Iran
  • ID: BCC3614

luxuryProperties - Profile

Selected Projects in Iran

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Established in 2016, Villa is an architecture and design magazine founded in 2015. Our printed version is published on a seasonal basis, is issued 4 times a year and has its headquarters in Yusefabad, Tehran, Iran. Villa magazine is a platform for architects to introduce their iconic projects, which are trying to develop an architectural dialect and a contemporary manifestation. Villa tries to recognize outstanding ideas that redefine architecture design through the implementation of novel technologies, materials, programs, and aesthetics along with studies on globalization, sustainability, and health All material published on Villa Magazine is the intellectual property of either Villa Magazine registered No.74246, our content providers or our authors and is protected by national copyright law, respecting and following international copyright law. All text is the intellectual property of Villa Magazine while images are the intellectual property of the relevant photographers, architects, designers etc, unless otherwise stated.

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Peter Reischer: Die Längs- und Schmalseiten der Architektur sind mit Tausenden von teils gefärbten, teils klaren oder getönten Glaspaneelen verkleidet. Dazwischen sind immer wieder auch Paneele mit filigranen arabischen Mustern angebracht. Das ergibt im Innenraum, zusammen mit den ebenfalls farbigen Brüstungsgläsern im Atrium, eine unbeschreibliche Stimmung und Lichtvielfalt. Und von außen und in der Nacht wirkt das Gebäude wie eine riesige, beleuchtete Laterne mit bunten Gläsern. Neben dem Naturlicht, welches durch das Atrium und die Außenverglasung einfällt, war auch die Nutzung der Sonnenenergie eine Herausforderung. Durch die Verwendung von 2-Scheiben Low-E-Gläsern konnte durch die äußere Glasschicht ein Transmissionsgrad für Licht von 89% und bei der inneren einer von 100% erreicht werden. Die Transmission für den solaren Eintrag beträgt außen 11% und innen 49%. Von innen nach außen wird die erzeugte Wärme durch die Glasscheiben zu fast 100% in den Raum zurückreflektiert. Es gibt auch einen beachtlichen Anteil an Energie, der in den anderen Bereichen eingespart wird: 5% bei Heißwasser, 35% bei der Ventilation, 45% bei der Beleuchtung, 45% beim Strom und 35% bei Heizung und Kühlung.

ARCHINECT - Contemporary Architecture Of Iran

The goal of Archinect is to make architecture more connected and open-minded, and bring together designers from around the world to introduce new ideas from all disciplines . Reference for this link is related to Contemporary Architecture Of Iran

"A House for an Architect" - Workshop

The Workshop of "A House for a Teacher" recognizes community engagement as one of the most important opportunities provided by rural architecture in order to obtain a human-centered design and aims to create a fast, economical, optimum, vernacular and reproducible respond to the question of the displaced in Kermanshah. This workshop accommodates young. architects with a chance to examine their newest and most innovative ideas through an act of public benefit.

Architecture and Health group in Iran

On 22 June 2017, the first meeting of Architecture and Health group was held at New Wave Architecture office with the presence of the founders/members of this group, Ms. LidaAlmasian, Ms. Rana Saghazade, Mr. Amirabbas Aboutalebi and Mr.Shahin Heidari. The main goal of the group is facilitating conversations about designing buildings for health and wellbeing. Future dialogues can be formed among the fields of architecture, medicine, engineering and management on optimizing architectural design to improve health. Some concepts discussed in this first meetings are the combination of field of medicine and architecture, concept and healing architecture. The team discussed it would be beneficial to hold educational sessions in the future namely on the subjects of EBD (evidence base design), design to improve mental and physical health, and design to help manage symptoms and improve quality of life.

A House for an Architect - 1st Prize Award

World Architecture Community team is proud to announce the winners of WA Awards 10+5+X 31st Cycle. Once again, we have 42 winning projects from 23 different countries with a fantastic mix of building types, spanning from China to Japan, from Norway to Israel from Turkey to Spain. In short, the winning countries can be listed as: China, Japan, India, Thailand, Norway, Pakistan, Israel, Turkey, Malawi, France, South Korea, United States, Spain, Ukraine, Kuwait, Iran, Canada, Vietnam, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Hong Kong.

A House for a Teacher - Workshop Intro

On May 10th and Along with the unveiling of Villa Magazine No.07 in Ariana Gallery, the new workshop of "A House for a Teacher" was introduced publicly. The meeting was held by participation of Cultural and Art activists along with architects and business corporates of Villa Magazine such as Ali Akbar Nasr Abadi, Anooshe Mansoori, Ramin Parsa and Hooman Balazadeh. The workshop participants, Jury and the client, Mrs. Mahdye Dehghan, discussed and evaluated the workshop of Yazd, named, "A House for an Architect". Hooman Balazadeh in a short interview with the client regarding the conclusion of the workshop stated that the dialogues between participants and the client are amongst the most important features of the workshop.

About Workshop - AA Design

Playing a key role in the equation, built space whose loss is the valid concern of the earthquake's victims, holds both potential and opportunity required to restoration. However, this only occurs when the process of rebuilding involves people and synchronizes its pace to their speed. It is not by the ready-made prefabricated concrete giants that new societies are born but by trusting the consciousness of vernacular material and deployment of traditional techniques and approaches to building that a neighborhood can heal itself through the process of building. Restoring a rural community to health through participation in building a modular, optimum, vernacular and reproducible House for a Teacher in Kermanshah is what this workshop is about.

Passive School - Please Copy

Villa Magazine seeks the Iranian Government to copy "passive primary school" by AA Design in Jiroft-Iran

Villa Magazine Workshop Winners - Ceremony

The importance of architectural services use in Iranian building rules and regulations.
ISNA Reports: This workshop conference was held at the Imam Ali Museum of Art, with the support of the Iranian Architecture Designers Association and Villa Magazine. Top design of the House-School Workshop was selected among 10 projects and a building as a house for a teacher will be built in Kermanshah province, in a village; which is going to be a place for the gathering of villagers. These pilot projects and prototypes of Iranian models are willing to persuade authorities to break available rules and regulations of educational buildings and schools in Iran. They are bringing messages for building schools in rural areas of Iran. Despite Iranian rich architectural background, the country currently has no architectural union to support such approaches. Therefore, we in Villa Magazine are seeking for any power to direct support in order to respect local origins and values.

3rd annual conference of Bagh-E-Irani

ISNA Reports: The Third annual conference of BAGH-E-IRANI was held in Tehran - IRAN Iranian architects, artists and actors attend the 3rd annual conference of BAGH-E-IRANI at the Cinema History Museum of Tehran, Iran, Oct. 11, 2019.The one-day festival kicked off here Friday, attracting hundreds of Bagh-E-Irani enthusiasts of all art and architecture groups to the cinema museum, also known as Bagh-E-Ferdous.

"A House for a Teacher" - 1st Prize Award

World Architecture Community team was proud to announce the winners of 10+5+X WA Awards 29th Cycle. WA Award with 40 winning projects from 27 different countries with a fantastic mix of building types, spanning from Turkey to India, from Portugal to Haiti, from Spain to Romania. Project Info: Title: A House For a Teacher Architect: AA Design Studio IR Client: Sam designers House Project Architects: Amirabbas Aboutalebi, Saeed partovi Principal Designer: Hessam Bahrami Kalantar Design Team: Nina Ghaslani, mahdieh narimani Sponsors: Unesco, Post Museum, Art University Location: Kermanshah, Iran Status: in progress Year: 2018