Amir was born on April 29, 1977 in Tehran, and had a childhood interest in painting and music that has stayed with him throughout his career. He received his Master degree in Architecture in 2003. Ever since, he has concentrated on three professional areas. First, Amir experienced working in the international atmosphere of architectural firms in Iran, Emirates, Malaysia and Kuwait (2003 to 2008). Second, in 2008 he founded "AA Design" in Tehran, which is dedicated to practical architectural designs. The studio has an interdisciplinary approach, which combines the features of culture, health and ethics in a context-aware and human-centered architecture. Third, Amir established the magazine entitled "Villa Magazine" in 2015 which is a medium and a platform to support architectural workshops, discourses, interviews, critics, campaigns, reviews, student projects and submissions of contemporary villas in Iran and around the world; developing a forum associates with cultural interactions and idea exchanges between Iranian architects and other societies of architecture throughout the globe. Willing to persuade the authorities of the importance of an ideological reform in the current educational system, Amir conducted several architecture workshops that aiming at the development of competence, interactive learning among participants, practical and intensive interaction, and application of a new learning method, combining all pedagogical elements in Iran in real projects with real clients and challenges. Amir introduced his own model of workshops to send a critical message to the Iranian formalistic educational system, the very rigid system to any innovative ideas by no means at the service of creativity development and interaction of new generation. Considering his background and resources in ancient Persian wisdoms and modern know-how, his experiences in architecture and design, together with his unlimited passion for pedagogical skills improvement, Amir still is passionate to be in international innovative academic environments which is collaborative and trustworthy, in order to improve his moral character, personal, and social qualities. download cv دانلود رزومه